Maison Macolat represents what can be created when the elements of discovery are pushed. 

From the adventure embarked upon by the Bunge family in 1883, in journeying to South Africa, to 6th generation farmer Julian bringing
the precious jewel to back to Europe, and combining it with the worlds finest Belgian chocolate. To the creation of the inspiring Macolat. 

Discovery involves unique connections with the innovators of the world to bring dreams to life
These people cannot be found in the usual places, but should be sought out, discovered and connected with.
Each person brings their own unique flavour and passion to the journey.
Pushing the limits of discovery means saying no to the wrong paths and saying yes, and fervently pursuing the right path until you have created something unique and beautiful.
Pushing the limits of discovery, means falling in love with the things people cannot see, and seeing possibilities in the places people have not yet known.
Pushing the limits of discovery involves seeing the world in a different way, in order to truly discover the unique.
Pushing the limits of discovery is art, culture, travel and adventure. 

Maison Macolat represents the perfect balance between heritage and innovation, pushing the limits of discovery.  

“Our expert Macolatiers ensure the same unique
attention to detail is used throughout product
creation, pairing, serving and sharing.”


The “King of Nuts”, as the Macadamia is affectionately known, is the worlds most exquisite nut. As the ruler of the nut kingdom, its smooth creamy taste and rich texture allow for the finest gastronomic experience. 


Positioned in the worlds best Macadamia microclimate, and also surrounded by generational bonds with neighbouring farmers, we are able to source the worlds finest quality Macadamia Nut. 

These farmers, preferring a hands on approach to achieve the best results, ensure the best quality crop is produced year on year. Through shear hard work, rigorous quality standards, and age old traditions, the high quality crop is brought into two central processing facilities, each protected by the thorough BRC standard certification. The nuts are dried down, the hard exterior shell cracked, and then sorted into various styles. 

Our Single Origin Macadamia are sourced from South-Africa’s East Coast.

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