The Macademy

The Idea of Shared Value, integrated from company structures all the way to the origin of our product resources. The Macademy is our way of implementing this concept.
Join us in creating impact in every way possible. 


What is the Macademy

It's our dream to bring high quality education to low income learners in rural South Africa - giving the rural South Africans the ability to discover.

Shared Value • Socio-economic revival

What is the Macademy

South Africa has major socio-economic issues, many of these stem from isolated rural communities, with poor levels of education. In order to tackle this, we at the Macademy have set out to bring socio-economic revival through partnering with local communities in order to bring high quality education to rural areas through affordable education hubs. We would eventually like to create shared value between the local community and Maison Macolat. This is done developing high quality Macadamia plantations, within these rural communities, to ensure that there is not only a high level of education, but also a socio-economic hub that gives these communities the ability to contribute to the local economy.


Our Mission

Our Mission is simple:

• Co-develop Macadamia plantations in rural Kwa-Zulu Natal with local communities

• Build high quality, affordable education hubs within these communities

Action points for 2021


Key Partnership

In order to touch as many lives as possible, as soon as possible, we are partnering with an established organization, Calling Education, who we will support in the short term through the Macademy fund.


High Quality Education

In line with our educational vision for the Macademy, Calling education develops the most relevant model of providing high quality education to learners from low income communities for South Africa.


Friedewald Education Hub

In the medium to long term, the established model of Calling Education will be built into our local rural community next door to Friedewald farm

The current actions taken by Calling Education


Provide access to excellent education at affordable fees


Adapted learning facilities to help children to focus on education and their future


Teacher development to help raising the bar of South African education in disadvantaged regions


Safe and supportive place for children through specific help groups and tutoring.


Providing high quality food and transport for children.

You can make an impact

At the Macademy, we have chosen to contribute to the Calling Academy Building Project, by donating €1 per Advent Calendar.

Calling Education • Key Partnership

What is The Building Project?

Over the course of the last 3 years, the first campus transformation took place to create the Calling Academy.

Many renovations have been done such as:
• 4 news classrooms

• 1 new computer center

• 3 upgraded bathrooms

• 2 storage containers

• The access road, parking, cricket nets, soccer field, and pathways

These new facilities enable more than 240 children to benefit from high level education in the best conditions.


In order to continue to give high quality education to learners, the following upgrades are needed:


A New Library


More Classrooms


A Laboratory


Bathroom Alteration


New Staff Rooms

By buying the Advent Calendar, you are contributing €1 to the building fund, and giving learners the ability to discover.

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